Design and manufacture of commercial and domestic interiors


In cooperation with architects from the atelier ONO.JE, a project for the equipment of a new family house in Ostrava Martinov was created.

We had the honor of producing and supplying the complete furniture part, including the screen wall, which also serves as a railing. The project included veneered material, metal and solid wood. If we could help you with a similar project, be sure to let us know.

Facade project - QANTO Svitavy

We recently presented on social networks that we can do construction work. To keep our word, we in cooperation with the investor QANTO embarked on the beautification of their headquarters in Svitavy. It was the realization of the facade cornice, including production drawing documentation and assembly.

In the gallery you can see how we did it.

The facade cornice consists of aluminum brackets and compact plates. The entire installation was preceded by surveying, thorough preparation in the design office and then in production and shipping. We formatted the flat material to measure and prepared it together with the connecting material for shipment. The prepared material was then picked up by the installers and the assembly began. As you can see in the photos from the realization, height work does not cause us a problem.

High-end project of 3 recording studios

We have just finished an extremely demanding high-end project of 3 recording studios for video game developers 2K Czech. The project was highly challenging due to very strict requirements for perfect acoustic sealing. The technical solution we have applied is quite unique. As this is not only about placing foam on the walls, but also about the overall construction design of the room. At the beginning of the project we got 3 empty rooms 5250 × 4875 × 3300 mm. At first we built a steel construction, which is partly suspended using silent blocks from the ceiling and partly lies on rubber supports.

The floor was made out of 8 layers of material – we combined OSB with asphalt, floor wool and impact isolation. The walls and ceilings consist of several layers of high-strength plasterboard Habito and anti-noise plasterboard. In between there are several layers of mineral wool with specific properties. The final layer incorporates perforated acoustic plasterboard, which is covered by high-end acoustic foam Vicoustic. Every detail must have been tuned up to extreme to eliminate sounds coming in and out. Therefore even the windows were custom produced using specific design to achieve perfect sound insulation. Of course sound-proof door were installed. Particular attention must have been paid to sealing every joint of each layer during the installation. As a matter of interest more than 180 cartridges of insulating foam and 250 cartridges of butylene sealant were used up. The final interior space was reduced to 4100 × 3800 × 2270 mm.


We have successfully completed a project for the FORMAFATAL studio. The project included doctor's office and surgery, including a nurse's office and rest room. The project blends the use of bent sheet metal, oiled oak veneer and glass. All round sheet metal shelves are illuminated with LED, including glass tube cladding.


Our goal was to create a modern office space with rise and fall desks for the technicians who need up to 18 monitors on their desks. This required innovation, technological future proofing and design inspiration.  Cladding the walls with reclaimed timber allowed us to create a contrasting environment.

All the walls and furniture within the central part of the building were cladded with reclaimed timber. This 600m2 area represented the perfect harmony between modern day tech and traditional timber finishes. The technicians were delighted with the look and feel of their new space.


When the design intent for this new concept was first circulated, we felt it was a little brash, too industrial and perhaps a little too quirky. How wrong we were! The staff at Formafatal have created something special that allows you to enter a unique space and forget the world around you whilst quaffing the finest Georgian wines. Walk out once again through the front door and you find yourself back in the centre of Prague.


We have just delivered this project bringing the delights of Asian cuisine much closer to home. Designed by KOHL architects, this restaurant allows you to immerse yourself in Asian food and culture in a unique environment.


This luxury hotel with its outstanding food and surroundings will take you into another world. The unique furniture represented a significant test for our joiners and painters, especially the twisted table legs. If you are in the area, take a look to see what we mean!


Not too far from Central Prague, you can enjoy a wonderful steak, savour the finest of wines in a pleasing environment, surprisingly found in the middle of a shopping centre. An open kitchen, solid wood and upholstered seats creates an environment that matches the quality of the culinary fair on offer.


In the middle of a residential area, in an office building, a restaurant has been built that will transport you directly to the heart of Italian Sport through the design and cuisine. Ferrari Red, used on the central element of the restaurant and on the seating with the finest pizza will take you to the heart of Maranello. Originally, we wanted to put one of the current monoposts into the restaurant, but what would the boys do?


The reception of any organisation is the first opportunity to define the organisation. What people initially are welcomed with undoubtedly forms their first and lasting impression. Our task was to create not only the interesting, but also the pleasant environment for the customers entering this space.


The concept of this brand concealed something that was not revealed until the actual assembly works got underway and more specifically, the cladding of all the furniture and walls. A tiny blind rivet was key to this with 6536 in total! Our faithful manual riveting gun was retired after the 258 rivets and replaced with a modern day equivalent to speed up the task. The space came to life with the cladding effect as used on modern day flying machines.